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midwest swiss, that does look good! What is the finish that you applied?

I have refinished 9 CZs that I can think of at the moment, and the stripper worked pretty well on all of them. A couple of them, the 527 Varmint and I believe one of the 550 FS, took quite a bit of sanding after removing all of the finish that I could with the MC stripper. But as you pointed out, the stain that is in the factory finish didn't really penetrate the wood, so that's fortunate.

Here's my refinished 453 Varmint...

wjritchie, your experience with the 455 American is also encouraging. The factory finish on the 455 American looks pretty much the same as that on the 452 to my eyes, but who knows... I think I'm getting bold enough to give the MC a try and see what happens. I just hope I don't get into what Oldblades did with the Trainer...
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