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Making a New 581 Stock

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I duplicated a 581 stock with a few changes, one of which is making it a little beefier stock. The profile is a little thicker allover as well as a more vertical grip which I like. I didn't want to change it from having that Sporter look but wanted to bring in a few of the characteristics I like. I still have more profiling to do on the grip cap and forend tip as well as the top edge of stock. May add flutes at the front of the comb but not sure yet. The barreled action still has to go down just a little bit more but not much.

I will actually look for a different action and then do another barrel for it, haven't decided on the barrel profile yet. The grip cap I want to blend into the butt stock and to get a longer grip area will probably leave the front fairly deep but still leaving the profile of it open, hopefully I will get it the way I want it be for I whittle to much off and have to put a different one on. The stock is a pretty straight piece of walnut and I used some mesquite that one of the great RFC members sent me a while ago for the grip cap and forend tip.

My goal was to build a template that I can use on other barreled actions with maybe a few modifications in length, thicknesses etc but general profile being there. I also figured I would go ahead and make it a usable stock and build a different template once I hunt with it a little and decide on changes. The barreled action is a factory unit and I like the relationship of the barrel length to the forend. The second picture is a factory stock with the new one.

Any constructive criticism is always appreciated, be gentle as this is my first complete stock build. I have inletted stocks, reshaped and reinletted old stocks but never a complete build before. It won't be perfect but I wasn't really going for that as much as using it as a platform to do some better ones.

I will put some more pics on after I get it sitting where I want and the rest of the shaping done. I keep thinking about doing some new bottom metal for it but haven't decided.i probably should have put this in the stock section but really wanted to get feedback from other Remington lovers more so.
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