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Got a 597... Now What?

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Hey all!

I mentioned in my "hello" thread that I'd just bought my very first gun - a Remington 597. A kind person in the thread directed me over here!

My question is - what is the first thing I should do to get this puppy running as smoothly as possible?

I've taken it to the range a couple times since picking it up, and it seems a little fussy with ammunition. If I'm not shooting HV through it, it frequently fails to eject.

In addition, the magazine is marked as a 10-rounder but anything more than 8 rounds seems to be a real squeeze. Is this common with the 597 mags, or have I just gotten a dud? I assume it's one of the Gen II mags, because it's made of metal (not the polymer Gen Is), but I think I read somewhere that Gen IIIs had a stamp on the bottom.

(excuse the donuts - it was "guest day" at my range so I brought snacks to share with the newbies)

Any advice you fine folks could provide would be most appreciated!
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