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Aquila 60gr.lr

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Took my newly acquired walther P22 second hand pistol to an outdoor range today to see how the gun would function with these weird looking Aquila 60gr.22lr, if the action would cycle . To my amazement they fuctioned superbly without a hitch of any kind. I was only messing around ,shooting at a steel target at about 100 / 110 yrds. The rounds struck within 2 yrs of the target, mainly to the left, @without any fliers or jams of the action. I also tried two other brands of ammo, cci velocitor and some Federal hp., both of these bullets struck anywhere from 10/15 yards in front of and to either side of the target,or way out off to the side left and right, with more than a couple of fliers .
Has anyone else tried these weird looking rounds, they are subsonic and I think I am stuck on them due to the bullet weight and my P22 being able to function properly using them.

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