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www.castboolits.com is your friend.

My low bucks casting set up:

A piece of metal flashing to protect the wooden picnic table I cast on(scrap from a roofing job) I do my casting outdoors.

An imported cast iron saucepan for melting(less than $10 from CVS, but you get the idea)

An old Coleman two burner propane stove that looks like it fell off a truck(because it did, in fact, fall off a truck and was "rescued.")

Sawdust for flux(scrap from the little bag on my electric miter saw)

A stainless steel long handle slotted spoon for skimming off dross(from Smart & Final, less than $3)

Old leather welding gloves (repurposed, so no cost)

A broken off hickory hammer handle for opening and cutting the sprue (rescued from the trash)

Eye protection(shared with other endeavors requiring eye protection, so no cost)

Lee Dipper---(about $3 but short lived---I strongly recommend getting a real dipper from the likes of Lyman or RCBS---around $30 new, cheaper if used)

Moulds---Lees are very inexpensive and the 2 cavs come with handles, Lyman/Ideal are more costly, even used(look on castboolits) and may or may not come with handles. Lee 6 cav mould handles fit and are inexpensive---that what I mainly use)

Lee sizer/alox lube kit for sizing and tumble lubing---($10-15 IIRC---it's been awhile, purchased through the internet)

For smelting scrap lead---

Cupcake pan---aluminum is good, if steel then a bit of corrosion is good to have as it keeps the "muffin" from soldering it's self to the pan (free if your bride is replacing her old pans, or go to Walmart for aluminum---can be pricey, around $10)

Stainless steel ladle for filling you cupcake ingots (about $3 at Smart & Final)

Make sure to flux scrap lead well!

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