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I was lucky to find a new M490 in a gunshop in 1979.

I really like mine; nice walnut, decent weight (steel receiver), very accurate, fairly reliable, decent trigger once I polished it.

Unfortunately they don't seem to be very popular with collectors, at least that is my impression.
I've fired mine thousands of times so don't care about collector value.

I never sent mine in for the recall so no asterisk. Someone somewhere had one that doubled when dirty so they had to mod all of them... I keep mine clean and don't worry.

I really like mine and will keep it forever, but discovered the 10/22 five years ago and prefer shooting them. That 490 doesn't compare to the beauty of the stainless international or accuracy of my LVT or Target models. JMO.

Edited to add info: When the 490 was new, in mid '70s, it was designed to look like the CF model 100 rifle. Looks almost the same but why??
At that time WW also had the M190 (really cheap) and M290 (little less cheap) and the 490 was walnut stocked and made to be a high-quality, above average 22LR rifle. Expensive and not very popular. They were all made in Canada too and some seemed to have a problem with that?? At that time most rifles were still made in the US.

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