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Originally Posted by Smoothtrigger View Post
My Volguartsen .17hmr Fusion will start having light strikes occasionally around 175-200 rounds. Still fires though.

I believe that it's caused by a dirty chamber. The round is starting to not fully seat by just a few thousands.
What appears to be happening is the the firing pin hits the back of the rim and pushing the round fully into the chamber leading to a light strike.

After 200 rounds I start to see slight doming on the base of the round which means that the round is clearly not seating's fully into the chamber.

Bottom line is that Semi-Auto .17's should be cleaned at the 1st sign of light strikes, and especially if you see any doming.

The chamber on my Fusion will not except fired case's from other .17's.
That's because of a tighter chamber. That tight chamber helps with accuracy, but makes chambering more difficult once fouled.
See if the fired cases from your other two rifles will chamber into your Volquartsen.

Good Info!

Getting ready to leave on first PD shoot of the season with my new 17 WSM Volquartsen. I will have to keep an eye on it.

l hope just a good cleaning solves your problem. I have a 270 cal. brush to clean the chamber. I use a 22 cal. brush to clean the chamber on my 17 hmr., it seems to help after several rounds.

Best of Luck

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