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Originally Posted by carbonbased View Post
What say you? I thought sporter barrels often merit such support, but not varmint barrels. Although CZ 527 varmint barrels are not real heavy…
A quality, correctly and concentrically fitted barrel should not need the dampening effect of a pressure pad. That said some rifles whose groups are best described as “patterns” rather than groups will do better when dampened. I agree that sounds like a harmonic issue, the source of which might be the bedding of the receiver (allowing movement), the quality of the barrel’s steel, the bore’s path, or a combination of these and perhaps more factors.
Before I spent much on “fixing” anything I’d vet every component/factor:
scope/mounts, bore cleanliness/coppering condition, receiver bedding/screw torque, ammo quality (handloads), bag/rest set up, and (no offense) your technique on the bench.
None of the above cost much. Once they’ve been eliminated as possible source of your inaccuracy then it’s much more palatable to accept permanent changes to your rifle. If it were me and some pressure supplied by a few layers of business cards (near the tip of the fore end) doesn’t help, I would be much more inclined to look at a major change, ie...sell, trade, or rebarrel.

Good luck.

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