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Originally Posted by gcrank1 View Post
If the biggest bullet you can comfortably push through the cylinder is .358 what are ya gonna do if your bore groove dia. is .359 or .360?
Imo, you might as well find out how well you can get it to group with the .358 without bothering to slug the bore. Maybe it will be fine with whatchagot. If that means using soft hollow base wadcutters is that Ok with you? This is why I use as large a dia. bullet as possible, especially with light loads that wont 'bump up'; that means not forcing the bullet of that dia. into an undersize/resized case mouth. The biggest dia. lead bullet that fits into a fully fire-formed case mouth will, without a doubt, make it through the cylinder mouth and downbore (there wont be any pressure problems, its lead). If it shoots well, and they usually do, I dont need to mess about, just reload easy and shoot.
If it just wont shoot to your satisfaction because the chamber mouths are too small you will know soon enough and can start to consider your options.
Good advise,

I will probably shoot the 50 rounds that I re-loaded already, just to get a base idea of what's going on. from there, I'll go ahead as suggested of using Crayola crayons to use as a slug, and see if I'm at .358 or larger for the bore. As i posted earlier, i'm quite adept with re-loading jacketed rifle bullets, but this is new territory for me.
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