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.22 cartridge vs. pellet

If you don't have a good backstop that's sure to safely stop your bullet, I would not launch any .22 short, long, long rifle, or CB round into the air in the city or densely-developed suburbs. Even a 29-grain bullet falling out of the sky can cause serious injury or damage. I think a lead, or alloy-and-plastic composite, .177 pellet is the safest thing for pest control in the city where you may take a shot with no solid wood (a tree trunk, or your home's own roof or walls) to stop the projectile.

That being said, all my spring-piston air rifles have been equally loud as .22 LR rifles of similar size and barrel lengths when the firearms are loaded with low-powered CB ammo, shooting 29 gr. bullets at something like 700 f.p.s. The cartridge-using rifles have more knockdown power and usually better accuracy at 25 yards (if you have to shoot that far), but they're less safe.

Last year I picked up a quiet rodent-killing gun-- a multi-pump pneumatic Crosman that you can pump up to 10 times. I find that pumping it only 6 times gives pretty good power with almost no noise, but I would limit my shots to about 17 yards or 50 feet. I have not shot at any animals with it yet, but it's ready, and based on how it dents steel cans and penetrates soft aluminium cans, I think it's lethal enough for something that light, that cheap, and that quiet.
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