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Smile My experience with casting my own bullets

I don't cast any more, but for years, I did cast all of my 357 bullets for IPSC competition , using a Colelman gasoline stove, a large pot, RCBS 150 gr. SWC mold, and really high-tech stuff: as close as I could get to Lyman #2 alloy, using a mixture of wheelweights, scrounged Linotype metal and 50-50 bar solder. I used a Lee .358 push-through sizer, with the pan lubing stuff they offered...a pan, "cake cutter" and sticky red lube. Cake cutters are akin to hen's teeth nowadays, so I find a fired .375 H&H Magnum brass, with the head cut off serves very well. I went from a pan over a gasoline stove, to a Lee bottom pour pot, then decided for my amount of shooting, buying good-quality commercial bullets would be better.

Now, I use some sort if tumble lube...not Lee...Lars' Liquid Alox 45-45-10 lube, or BLL (Ben's Liquid lube) 60% Alox 40% Johnson's (Discontinued) Liquid Floor Wax to relube my commercially-bought cast bullets.

Now and ALWAYS!: SAFETY FIRST! Clothing: All Cotton or wool! Outer or underwear...synthetic melts and sticks to the skin, causing more severe burns! If a blob of molten lead gets on a cotton or Nomex garment, it will raise the internal temperature enough to melt synthetics. Don't wear the cheaper "Denim" (NOT 100% Cotton)fabrics, which contain a significant amount of synthetic, and will catch fire, as my Nephew found out! At least safety goggles, a face shield will be better. Leather or sturdy cotton gloves...Harbor Freight...if you have one in your neighborhood... has leather welder's gloves for reasonable prices,and a welder's apron that is useful.

Last year, I watched a YouTube presentation by an "expert", who was casting in shorts, a t shirt, and athletic shoes! That is a recipe for DISASTER, IMNHO! Be Properly covered at all times, regardless of the temperature! PLEASE!!! I was casting in my garage one day, when my wife came out to visit, carrying our infant daughter, who was dressed only in a diaper. Unfortunately, the pot chose that instant to erupt! Who knows...water drop, although I had tried to be sure my lead was dry before adding it to the melt...or malign spirit??? Fortunately, I was between the wife and daughter, and nobody was hurt, but I had to change my underwear!
Shoes...boots, if you got 'em, wool or cotton socks, and no gap between the top of the boots and bottom of the pants! Murphy was an optimist!

I can buy a LOT of bullets for what I would have to pay for all the parts and oddments needed to get into casting again, even going as inexpen$ively as I could, but casting is enjoyable, if you decide to try it!

Just one old man's opinion! Good luck and be safe!

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