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forrest r

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If your going to get into casting you should really spend the extra $$$$ and buy good bullet molds. They not only hold their value you will have nothing but excellent quality bullets to use. And can easily sell the mold for more $$$ than you paid for it.

Picked up this modern version of the himmelwright bullet. This bullet can be used in the 9mm's and the 35cal wheelguns. Got 1000+ bullets cast/coated and plan on testing them next month (6-cavity).

Those 148gr 35hbwc's cast from a custom mold ( 4-cavity).

44cal wc's

45cal hb's

30cal hp's, used up all the 140gr so I put fn bullets in for the picture/the circle is the size of the hp

There's a whole world out there using cast bullets. 95%+ of you shooting can easily be done with nothing more than soft lead alloy/range scrap. It all starts with a melting pot and a source of alloy/lead.

You start casting and not only will you start shooting more than 200 rounds a month. You're shooting skills/reloading knowledge will go off the charts.

good luck
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