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forrest r

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Casting hb bullets:

You ain't gonna blow the skirts off of home cast hb bullets. The caster chooses the alloy. I cast hbwc's for the 32cal/35cal/41cal/44cal/45cal. Had these 35cal hbwc's up to 1200fps+ with no problems.

That was an 800fps+ plinking load

Try that with a store bought swaged hbwc.

Playing around with hb bullets in the 9mm. A 10-shot test target @ 50yds with the hb bullets in the picture.

20,000psi loads in (p+/44spl) in a snubnosed 44spl revolver.

The bullet (upper left pictured above) is a hb swc lyman 429422 that I put a hp in with a forster hp tool. The base ain't gonna blow off but it does compress/expand just like the hp does. A side view of that hb hp swc.

I have 14 different hb molds and have never had a problem with skirts blowing off of anything. But then again I try to max the loads for any of the hb bullets to 25,000psi max.
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