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+/- 9bhn range scrap/free lead

Home casters started coating bullets around 1012 and got it figured out by 2013. I started coating my own cast bullets in 2014. I use the dry powder coating & call it pc'ing the bullets.

When I decided to take the plunge into pc'ing bullets I started with the 308w. Tested bullet/load combo's up to 2900fps and 50,000+psi. No coating failure, no leading, time to play.

Traditional cast/lubed/sized bullets
I used to cast a bullet with an alloy that would match the pressure of the loads I was trying to use. I'd size the bullet to fit the cylinders/chambers/ball throats. What happens: You hit the loud button, BANG, the bullets off to the races. As the bullet goes down the bbl the hot gases expand the bullets base. Some of the gas gets by the bullets base/bottom drive band and gets into the grease groove pressurizing that groove. Pushing the lube outward lubing the bore along with forcing the lube forward sealing the front drive band/bands. That pressure also compresses the lube groove squeezing the lube out of it. Is an arch stronger than square corners? The round vs flat grease groove debate. These are recovered bullets, as you can see the grease groove's are compressed. Unfired bullets are at the top.

With traditional cast/sized/lubed bullet the reloader would try to match the alloy to the pressure of the load so that that load would seal the bbl, lube the bbl (no leading). Those loads would be more consistent and consistency ='s accuracy. Have a beater 629 and have cast 44cal bullets for decades. I like to plink with it and over the years have tested different cast bullet/powder combo's looking for plinking loads that would do mogb (minute of golf ball) or 1 1/2"/nra x-ring @ 25yds. I had 3 loads that would hold the x-ring with traditional cast/sized/lubed bullet.

PC'ing bullets:
PC acts like a bullet lube. It is already everywhere it need to be. This takes all the bullet ally/bhn out of play. It also take the soft/hard lube, enough lube/too much lube, smoke from the lube out of play. PC'd bullets shoot a lot cleaner. So I took the 9bhn range scrap and cast up 5 different 44cal bullet and 7 different powders that I've already tested in that 629. This time I PC'd the bullets. Same firearm, same, bullets/molds/, same press & dies, same shooter, etc. The only difference was:
pc'd bullets vs traditional cast/lubed/sized bullets.
pc'd bullets ='d 13 loads that would hold the x-ring @ 25yds

13 vs 3 with nothing more than range scrap.
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