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JNP Action Screws Question

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First of all, I'm not lodging any kind of a complaint towards JNP. I'd just like to hear if my experience has been observed by anyone else. I've replaced the action screws on all my CZ/BRNO rifles with the JNP offerings and have had no trouble with any until today. I just got back my 527 from having the action bedded. I removed the action to do a clean and inspect of all metal. Upon replacing the action, when I hand tighten the action screws (JNP), the rear hex head sheared off at about 18 inLbs. I understand these screws are not supposed to get fatigued, and have only removed that action with these screws about four or five times total. On inspection of the screw, I could see that there is very little metal holding the head to the body of the screw. Anyways, just wondering how common this is. I went ahead and ordered another set from JNP tonite.