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Fall hunting TOZ 78-01

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I am getting the TOZ 78 sighted in for hunting.
Here is the TOZ.

Oh here is a subject that came up about when the TOZ 78 was designed ??
I found this.
Type Cadet rifle
Place of origin Soviet Union
Production history
Designed 1986 - 1987
Manufacturer Tula Arms Plant[9]

So I don't know where the 78 fits in
Don't have allot of ammo in my small stash but want a sub-sonic ammo.
Tried some Eley Target and shot ok @ 25 yards.
Only two shots per bull, was shooting in the fun match's rules.

And some CCI Std V at 25 yards.

I need the ammo too shot good in cold weather and they both have for me in the past.
RWS has also shot good in cool weather for me and SK not so good.
Last Sun. morning the temp was in the 40's and winds were low.
Now for hunting I like a 25 y zero then I shoot a few targets at 50 Y too see
where the bullet land with a 25 y zero.

So it looks like a toss up now between the Eley & CCI Std V .
Hopefully try again this week end, but CCI Std V has been very good in the past.


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