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Originally Posted by LoneWolfSS454 View Post
All due Respect Sir, but, you Seriously NEED to upgrade your inadequate tool collection!!!
Around here, if it doesn’t have a chain on it , or isnt locked in a safe, it grows legs and disappears. I was lucky to find those two tools

Although, never as well endowed as the tool chests above, id say ive spent more on tools in the last 40 years than on guns. I grew up around tools, my parents owned a hardware store, my dad was an electrician, and i went to the Flint Public school system , which was a training grounds for GM. Woodshop, Metal shop, blueprint and drafting classes all mandatory parts of the curriculum. I can use most any tool, but i dont really care to. Built and rebuilt many houses, in my day. Tools just walk, when you have so many contractors and helpers around. Plus my wife, is , well lets say , apt to move things around .

Oh , i forgot, for two years , during college , i worked at an auto dealership, in the repair shop. My fiat broke down so often, bob, gave me a job so i could pay for the parts , and do the work myself.

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