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Originally Posted by bandit1250 View Post
With multiple breaks like that I would forget about using the broken pieces. I would plane the wood on the stock from the rear of the break out to the front until flat. Then search for a piece of wood close to a color match as possible and plane it flat to have a very good fit to the stock. Acra glass it to the stock and when it is cured work down the glued on piece to match the shape of the stock and I would refinish the complete stock. I have fixed a few this way and they usually don't stand out if you get a close color match. They will definitely hold up better than putting multiple pieces back together.
I tried gluing it together today. It is together but the pieces didn't go together as nice as I would have liked and it grew in length. I used hot hide glue so I can try again. For now it at least doesn't look like it has three teeth missing. It is my silhouette gun so I may use it as it is until winter.

I think I understand your solution. Somewhere I have a couple small hand planes. I don't have any walnut but I'll work on getting a few pieces.

Any tips on shaping the new piece to match? I haven't done much free hand work with wood.



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