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[QUOTE=Pipes1;12300003]Question for Chuck40219: When I started this match I was using a 3" wide bag rider so listed my posts as "Unlimited". I now have a narrower bag so the bag rider isn't needed and wonder if I should now be posting as "Factory" class. The only other question would be the $1,000.00 cost point. When I purchased the CZ 457 Varmint Precision Chassis, last November, the MSRP was $999.00 but raised to $1,039.00 the first of the year. (I paid $881.00) Considering this is all in fun for an online match, it really isn't important but thought I would ask.

I believe the factory class would be appropriate.

And it is a fun match, so have fun.

By the way great target. Getting close to having to move up to the 50 yard target.

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