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Scope & Rings Suggestions for KKJ .22LR/Photos Added

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I would like to scope my Walther KKJ in .22LR. As it is a very slim and light rifle, I don't want to add a scope that is bulky or heavy. A straight 4X is fine, as long as it is parallax corrected for a .22.

- For the rings I am thinking Warne, Talley, Burris or Leupold. My considerations are minimum bulk and weight. I'll get the ones with 11mm dovetail mounting to attach to the grooves on the receiver. I also do not want to have to remove the rear or front sights on the rifle. As low as possible for the bolt to clear the scope of choice and not have the sights interfere is desired. Aluminum rings to save weight and not affect the fine balance of the rifle would be preferred although I think the Warne or Talley vertical split rings might be good. I won't be removing and reattaching the scope.

- For the scope, I am looking for trim & light to match the design and aesthetics of the rifle. I don't need a variable or something with a large objective bell requiring the use of high rings. 4X is fine. I don't want cheap junk.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

- Photos added 07/31/2020 below

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