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Umm, I also did the VQ edge extractor so I did take the firing pin apart-but I think I put it together correctly. Can you put it together wrong (backward firing pin)? If I take it apart and clean the crap out of it (brake cleaner clean), it might shoot one or two mags worth, but even those have light strikes.

It's difficult to isolate what caused the light strikes without shooting-I don't have a backyard range here in the burbs and stripping all the way down at the range is less than ideal, but I think it was hammer bushing when I first noticed the problem. I ordered the trigger & then ordered the bushing because I was bothered by the rattle without it. I just cannot remember if I shot it between installing both pieces.

If I pull the trigger all the way back, the hammer does not "drag" on the sear, but it does drag if I do not depress the trigger all the way, only pulled the trigger until it breaks/fires-could that slight drag slow the hammer enough to be the problem?
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