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Light Strikes

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Bought this:

VC2TT/VC3TT Volquartsen Ruger Mark II / III Adjustable Target Trigger

from Rimfire Sports, installed it in a Tactical Solutions upper while removing the LCI & mag safety, it worked but the hammer had slop and would rattle. So I finally installed this:

988783 1 $14.99 Clark Custom Hammer Bushing Kit

Rattle gone, but now it has light strikes (all ammo types). Pull out the bushing and try to isolate the malfunction source? So what to replace next? VQ Hammer? I hear it is lighter and might even be worse? New firing pin? I can only find MarkII titanium pins, will they work on a Mark III? New stiffer mainspring? Who has them? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated-thanks!
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