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Originally Posted by M52E1 View Post
As someone mentioned earlier, if it really worked then it would have been done years ago and I agree with that sentiment. If someone wants to try and hit targets beyond 200 yards then more power to them, however I don't see there being a sustainable market for this ammunition.
I have to agree with Bill. The last real advancements for .22 rimfire was the dimpled case (Olymp then Federal) followed by the Eley EPS bullet.

Several other negatives that go against the new ammo making it to market:
- This ammo would be illegal for ISSF events. Per the rules, "Rimfire Long Rifle. Only bullets made of lead or similar soft material are permitted." That will automatically rule out use by the vast majority of consumers of rimfire ammunition world wide.
-Not getting into an entire discussion again on barrel material, but would a special barrel w/ unique bore dimensions be needed? The soft lead is what makes the seal in the bore - what impact would the copper jacket have on that aspect?
-An entirely new set up for chambering would be needed vs how the current .22 soft lead projectiles engage the rifling.
-Between chambers and possible barrel dimension changes, it would most likely result in having a dedicated barrel for the new ammo and it would not be able to be used interchangeably with standard .22 lead LR match ammunition.
-My sides are hurting right now laughing over the new threads on "small bore rile cleaning recommendations" and the possible crossover between lead and copper. This is YEARS of online "experts" and their pi55ing matches.
-Finally, the jacketed bullets may or may not be able to be used on all ranges. That is specific to different areas of the country and also actual range / backstop designs.

More to come on this, but from the prone/position competition view point, piece price combined with even part of the other issues, it would be an uphill battle for success for the size of the market.
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