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Originally Posted by 2manyprojects View Post
I just got 2k rds in the new packaging, but haven't yet chrono'ed it. I will say that I have seen an increase in velocities since last year with the old blue box packaging. These are each 40-50 rd data sets taken with a Labradar while shooting groups, all from a Ruger Precision rimfire with 20" ER Shaw SS barrel:

12/2018: 1062 avg, 58.7 es, 12.9 sdev
4/2019: 1074 avg, 48.0 es, 10.0 sdev
8/2019: 1089 avg, 42.6 es, 9.4 sdev
9/2019: 1090 avg, 37.2 es, 8.8 sdev

All these were shot in fairly cool weather, with temps all within 10 degF., and comparable humidity.

Anyhow, I'll be testing the newest lot soon and will be curious to compare. it's pretty slight, but while the velocity has increased the consistency seems to have improved slightly.
Thank you for that data. I did something similar with my setup (Labradar, different boxes, years, whatever) and got very similar results when shooting the entire box.

My data doesn't exactly match yours, but the lot-to-lot shows much of the same things with velocity, High-40's ES and similar SD.
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