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Originally Posted by grg View Post
Slamfire, I do a lot of triggers so it is pretty economical to buy the bulk tube of coil springs from Brownells. There are various sizes 12" long each and you can almost always find a spring size you want. If you don't do many just pm me your address and I will send you one. Its a enter at your own risk situation. I can leave it a little long in case you want it heavier.
Glenn: Thank you for the reply. Now that I know you are making your own, I will dig through my Wolff spring sets and see if there is one that is the correct diameter. If that does not work, I will contact you.

Besides the crud that had built up, was a spring changeout the only thing needed to reduce the trigger pull? Also, from what I read, you did not have sear over rides when closing the breech block.

I was able to acquire a MKII this year

and these are targets from the first match after lengthening the trigger pull to 14 1/4". I added a Freeland buttpad and a 1/2" spacer. The original trigger pull was 13 1/2" which is shorter than my normal smallbore prone rifles:

I removed the Unertl and installed a Redfield 3200.

I removed this sight off and reinstalled the PH25C I have. I did not know the PH25C was an 1/8" MOA sight and as I rotated the knobs, nothing seemed to be happening, so I took the sight off! Only later did I find the PH25C was not 1/4" MOA clicks!

A real limitation of this rifle is the heavy trigger pull. This is more or less fine when using irons but not when using a scope, and I would like to drop the trigger pull even more.

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