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This is a hot topic for me and a couple of my friends.
None of are guns like the new box stuff compared to the old.
Two Ruger 77/22s one stock and one heavily modified. A CZ452, CZ457 American,and a 457 MTR
That's a problem for us because our club matches use the old box ammo (supplied by the club) for the monthly shoots, fun and cheep.
Normally we could pick up the same ammo at Walmart to practice with and lot to lot it was close enough for this kind of match. Now we can't find the old box anywhere locally.
My brother ordered 5 bricks from Brownells and it's all new box
I've called Champions Choice and I think they still have some old box left,I'll see in a few days.
Glad to see some people aren't having the same issues we are and hopefully it will improve on our end.
Thanks for the post.
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