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Originally Posted by kennymauser View Post
Hi , I have been eyeballing a Marlin 917M2S 17 mach II locally that has an extra clip for $275.00 It has a checkered stock and looks nice in the pictures. (Stainless)
It is the heavy barrelled one and if it shoots as good as the ones I have owned, it will out shoot most of the others.
Also, I am not aware of the A17 being available in the MachII. Of course, there may be some new stuff out.
I have contacted the owner and will find out more about it.
If you are interested, and I don't get it from him, I will let you know.
I have had 3 Mach II's, over the years, and don't know if I need to try another one!

If you don't get it I might be interested. I do love stainless. Let me know.
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