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Hereís my two cents .
Get you a CZ 455 in whatever caliber youíd want to play around with when itís nots hunting season . Or sell whatever Barrel comes with it .
Then buy a Whistlepig Mach2 Barrel .
From the beginning my 455\ Whistlepig combo out shot my Savage . And itís getting better every time I shoot it .
The heavy barreled Savage had close to 1000 rounds through it when I let it go for 1/3 of what I paid for it . Iím still holding a Boyds Pro Target stock that I plan on selling eventually .
And the aluminum shrouded Whistlepig barrels are light . Makes a great carry around rifle .
I was shooting average less than one inch groups yesterday when I had mine at the range . Sighted in at 50 , I was picking off shotgun shell hulls at over 100 yards . I just would put my crosshairs on top of whatever I wanted to hit .
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