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Originally Posted by marlinguy76 View Post
I'm kind of partial to my Marlin 917m2. Yes they are have been discontinued for some time, but if you can find one used, it may be a good one to pick up.
I'm not familiar with the Ruger American Rimfire. Can you change barrels on them like the 10/22? Will 10/22 barrels fit on an American? If so that may be worth looking at.
Good luck in your search.

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The 917 is what I saw used for 330.00 I think. Heavy barrel. Cheap scope. Said it was almost 7 # which is really heavy unless that includes scope weight. I really worry about getting extra magazines for it. My local dealer says he can get the a17 for 329.00 plus tax. The simi auto sounds great but I worry about reliability. Whitakers was supposed to get the ruger american in a one time production and they have been saying that for over a year and they still don't have a date. I have a ruger american predator hmr that shoots well but took work to get it there. It most defiantly wasn't free floated which made some difference.
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