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Originally Posted by Team17 View Post
Im a sponsored shooter for GFD and right now Mike Garrow (owner) is jammed up on BCGs. His BCG supplier backed out on him, so hes working on getting a new supplier right now. No ETA yet. I can post updates in the group as I hear, I talk with him almost daily. The problem is that he doesn't order multiple thousands at a time so hes considered a "small account" and gets pushed off for bigger customers. But, hopefully we can get a supplier that will only handle his special BCG's and not other companies. I will see if I can prod him into sending out updates. I'm trying to get him set up with a division of one of my other sponsors that does custom machining. Pray it works out, it would be exactly what GFD needs and a perfect fit.

Sorry Garrow is jammed up on BCGs, but that is no excuse for not responding to emails and voicemails. Garrow leaves his customers hanging for 3+ months with no comms, leaving us no option but to dispute charges with our credit card companies. That is abysmal customer service.
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