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Originally Posted by singleshotcajun View Post
Mcarbo has a lot of cool stuff. If your M 60 has the cheesy plastic trigger guard I would recommend a DIP trigger guard and trigger kit. Kind of pricey but the first time you break a plastic trigger guard tightening the rear action screw you will want one. DIP triggers are nice. Cheers.


I probably will take the trigger assembly out and try bending the spring first. I just can't justify spending a significant amount of money on something I'll shoot 2 or three times a year at the range. If money was no object, sure.. But it is a factor on a fixed income. At my age I have too many guns and not enough time left to shoot them all let alone messing with the internals too much. I did however, do a Savage .22 bolt action ( utube video ) that was very easy to do and actually turned out to be 1/2 hr tops. My .223 Compass trigger was even quicker. I think I mentioned earlier that I did a Taurus 9mm striker fire trigger with an aftermarket and it was a disaster to finish with older hands, small parts and virtually no fingernails. So long that I'm mad at myself for tackling it. Results at least were satisfying but would not have done it had I known what the real time would have been. The Marlin trigger spring bend is about all I'll do at this point in time. I'm realistic enough to know its not going to be a 3 lb trigger. Anything 5 or under will be a pleasant result. And if it results in almost nothing that's ok too. At least I gave it a shot.
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