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I wanted to give an update out of respect to those that took the time to reply. Thank you. First off, I ignored the advice that everyone said was the most important: Do one thing at a time. LOL. I can only get to tee range so often so it's tough. But I tried to avoide the more invasive stuff. But I did buy a bunch of parts mostly b/c I'm a sucker. Here's what I did.

1 - Took it apart and polished inside of receiver. Holes where scope base screws come in had a burr so took care of that.
2 - Bought some one shot dry lube and cleaned the inside of the receiver with gun scrubber then a light spray of the dry lube
3 - Bought a kidd guide rod and spring kit. I couldn't resist. The new bolt handle I got looks so cool. LOL. But it does feel ALOT smoother
4 - sprayed bolt with gun scrubber really good and then dry lube.
5 - polished bolt wherever I felt imperfections, but didn't "radius" it yet
6 - But in the Kidd buffer pin thing
7 - Checked stock for what Toomany22's said to see if trigger mainspring was leaving marks and it wasn't so I didn't sand this yet.
8 - Installed kidd steel magazine plunger and spring thing. Magazine feels much more stable when inserted.
9 - Installed kidd v-block and made sure barrel was centered on extractor. I think the v-block was probably a waste. The barrel was really tight so I think it was holding good.
10 - The magpul stock comes with a pressure point thing that I didn't install originally. So I installed that and screwed it in to apply some light pressure.

So, LOTS of changes. LOL. But I focused on stuff to make the bolt work more smoothly, stuff to account for barrel droop, stuff to tighten the mag. So I hit on the thems of your replies.

Now the bad news is I haven't gone to the range yet to test it out. And it might be awhile b/c of deer season but when I go I'll report back.

If anyone has any opinions on what I did please let me know! I think the guide rod is going to be the winner but I guess I'll never know. The factory guide rod was pretty sticky.

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