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The magpul stock is new too! And that is the culprit. Pull out the action and barrel, cock the gun , see that little dingus popping out of the back of the trigger housing? the trigger mainspring is hitting the stock sand that area on the stock out.

Now with the action out cycle 10 rounds thru the action, put the safety on first! If they go in and out without issue itís still the stock. Look for plastic bumps humps etc in and around magazine well, sand them out.

If they donít run thru with out a problem then undo the v block screws and with the bolt in if itís loose twist barrel slightly and lightly , youíll hear the click from hitting the extractor, on bot side , center the barrel. If the barrel is to tight to twist look inside and run bolt slow and see if extractor is centered.

If itís loose you might have barrel droop, so the chamber isnít in line with the bullet and makes feeding and extracting difficult and get a gunsmither block and install , it has a screw that pushes the barrel up, if you donít want to grind off part of the barrel , I think required on gunsmither block, get a v block with a ascrew that pushes the barrel up. JHW makes one.

Iíve also read that while the VQ extractor claw is excellent many have chosen to stay with the oem spring because it works better.

Clean out your chamber , where do you think those lead shaving are living?

Good luck, sometimes this stuff gets frustrating , but as long as you have time and money , fixable
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