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Results October Topstraps Longrange (midrange) match

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Finished up the 2019 season with a low turnout, not sure if everyone is tired of matches, too many local matches to attend or just plain don't like mine but all that came seemed to have fun. This was a bit different than my regular matches, I eliminated a few of the really small hard to hit targets and substituted a few larger ones to keep things moving but all were still challenging.

Shooters had 75 targets to hit with 90 rounds dumped into a bowel with a 20 minute time limit. They shot until they finished the course, ran out of spare ammo or ran out of time. If they had a magazine type gun they were limited to 1 magazine that held no more than 10 rounds. At the buzzer they could load the magazine or start shooting if they had a single shot, they had to hit each target on a rack at each distance before proceeding onto the next rack/distance.

I only called misses, if I was quiet then they kept shooting. Due to some weird sun/shade areas if they could not see a hit I would tell them what I saw but they could not keep asking. Up to them to see hits/misses as they progressed. There were an assortment of bolt guns, semi-autos and a couple single shots. Last time I did it two single shots finished up so I'm not sure there is an advantage to gun type but more who can get on target and shoot with no or few misses the quickest.

I put together an Izhmash Biathalon toggle gun and this style of match it really shined, bolt action accuracy with nearly the speed of a semi-auto. I really stink at PRS type matches due to not practicing the weird positions they put you in but I'm getting a bit better each time. Not really a game for the older shooters but is fun to try.

No one practiced the course ahead of time including Chris and I, wasn't even really sure about the number of targets and time alloted but seemed about right compared to a previous match a couple years ago with a few more targets and a bit more time. It seemed about right but most of my shooters weren't used to shooting quicker and were still trying to have dead center hits instead of "if the crosshairs show black, shoot".

OK on to the scores. I'm going to try and show all info and also how it was calculated, Tom Rayner said it's similiar to how they score the action pistol matches and felt the calculation worked out for the match. Shoot accurate, shoot quickly but don't miss.

Any time anyone wants to come try it out I'd enjoy seeing others try the same or similiar course being timed, it's really a blast. Chris and I will not include our scores. Dave Calipare was the match winner and also the $25.00 drawing this month. The number after a name indicates each time they re-entered.

I forgot to mention last month that Mike Penso also hit all 10 of the targets without a miss at 197 yards (10 inch down to 1 inch) which will earn him a place on my shelter roof. Very few have done it, good job.

Calculation is Rounds hit plus rounds left over minus targets left that were unhit equals total points. Then Time used converted to seconds equals total time. Total points divided by total time gives a number with a decimal point times 1000 to give a while number. That is the score.

Score - Name - Gun - Scope - Ammo - Targets Hit - Rounds Left - Total Points - Time Used in seconds

111.80 Chris Kirkpatrick Izhmash, SWFA, Wolf MT, 75 hit, 2 left, 77 points, 689 seconds (11 min 29 sec)
96.03 Dennis Kirkpatrick Izhmash, SWFA, Wolf MT, 75 hit, 7 left, 82 points, 781 seconds (13 min 1 sec)

87.78 Dave Calipare (2), V-Gun, NF, Biathalon, 75 hit, 4 left, 79 points, 915 seconds (15 min 15 sec)
79.56 Bill Nesbitt (3), Kidd 10/22, SWFA, SK Blue, 75 hit, 10 left, 85 points, 1068 seconds (17 min 48 sec)
67.62 Bill Nesbitt (2), Kidd 10/22, SWFA, SK Blue, 73 hit, 0 left, 71 points, 1050 seconds (17 min 30 sec)
66.66 Bill Nesbitt (1), V-Gun, Vortex, Biathalon, 71 hit, 13 left, 80 points, 1200 seconds (20 min 0 sec)
67.59 Dave Calipare (1), V-Gun, NF, Biathalon, 74 hit, 0 left, 73 points, 1080 seconds (18 min 31 sec)
65.83 John Schumacher, Anschutz MPR, SWFA, Wolf MT, 72 hit, 10 left, 79 points, 1200 seconds (20 min 0 sec)
60.83 Bob Brown, Rem 40-X, Weaver, SK std, 60 hit, 28 left, 73 points, 1200 seconds (20 min 0 sec)
60.23 Josh Moodispaw, 10/22, SWFA, CCI std, 64 hit, 0 left, 53 points, 880 seconds (14 min 40 sec)
57.50 Cuda Gatten, CZ, SWFA, CCI std, 72 hit, 0 left, 69 points, 1200 seconds (20 min 0 sec)
57.11 Derrick Warren (2), 10/22, Vortex, CCI std, 66 hit, 0 left, 57 points, 998 seconds (16 min 38 sec)
55.00 Karen Marsh, CZ, SWFA, CCI std, 56 hit, 29 left, 66 points, 1200 seconds (20 min 0 sec)
49.17 Tom Rayner, Krico, Bushnell, CCI std, 66 hit, 2 left, 59 points, 1200 seconds (20 min 0 sec)
49.16 Butch McCort, Rem 40-X, SWFA, CCI std, 52 hit, 30 left, 59 points, 1200 seconds (20 min 0 sec)
48.33 Bob Merillat, Anschutz, March, SK Rifle Match, 54 hit, 25 left, 58 points, 1200 seconds (20 min 0 sec)
47.92 Brayden Stockin (2), CZ 457, NF, CCI std, 60 hit, 0 left, 45 points, 939 seconds (15 min 39 sec)
46.08 Brayden Stockin (1), CZ 457, NF, Eley, 59 hit, 0 left, 43 points, 933 seconds (15 min 33 sec)
42.50 Bonnie Calipare, V-Gun, NF, Biathalon, 45 hit, 36 left, 51 points, 1200 seconds (20 min 0 sec)
30.83 Celia Callahan, Savage, SWFA, Biathalon, 45 hit, 22 left, 37 points, 1200 seconds (20 min 0 sec)
34.81 Derrick Warren (1) 10/22, Vortex, CCI std, 54 hit, 0 left, 33 points, 948 seconds (15 min 48 sec)
28.33 Mike Penso, Savage, SWFA, Tac-22, 45 hit, 19 left, 34 points, 1200 seconds (20 min 0 sec)

Video of the Izhmash emptying a magazine was posted in the Russian gun section.

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