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Originally Posted by Midnitehound View Post
Just picked up 3 more! Two 591ís and a 592! Been shooting 5mm most of my life. Have tried just about every mod to improve accuracy. But have settled on just glass bedding the 591ís the entire length including barrel. This seems to be the best for me!
Just curious here, so how many of these treasures do you have? I don't think I ever paid any attention to the 5mm, until I read in a gun mag in early 1990s that someone had started converting them to centerfire. I had to do a google search to get the guy's name: Craig. That did interest me, at the time, but it seemed that I'd have to load my own ammo, and I didn't want get into that (still haven't). So I'm wondering if you have one of the conversions in your collection or if anyone else here does. I've often thought about the caliber/rifle/conversion ever since reading that article.
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