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Originally Posted by BOARHUNTER View Post
Looking forward to your report! And be sure and let me know your assessment of the gun's accuracy potential, even if you do not run formal accuracy testing.

I do not require my guns to be one-hole, bullseye-type shooters, but I do want them to shoot better than I can shoot!


Will do.

I expect decent accuracy, but not target-gun groups either. I have a High Standard Bullseye gun for that. My winter indoor shooting is limited to 30 feet, so it's not a very good test for accuracy. In the summer I have up to 100 yards, but 25 yards would probably be a reasonable test.

We'll see if it shows up today as scheduled. This week looks like a mess, starting tomorrow and running a few days, with 8 to 10" of show expected when it's done - so I may not get to the range on Thursday.
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