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Back to Work

Tonight at 2145 will be my first day back to work
since my leg problem.

I'm going to try to work some more overtime - if it is available.

I was glad to be away from work since the implementation of
Correctional Officer pat searches and metal detector sweeps.

This process is similar to the TSA aircraft boarding searchs.
Also, to include the luggage screening.

Anything and everything (food, drinks, flashlight, pens, note pad,
handcuff case, mace holder, belt, name tag (metal), hat, eye glass holder,
no coffee cups allowed, no canned drinks or food allowed & etc.)
we carry-in are subject to thorough search.

Did I mention removing our shoes.

I don't mind the screening.

What I mind is the suspicion cast upon all COs
because of a few bad apples.

In any organization there will always be
less than scrupulous individuals present.

The CO pat downs and metal detector sweeps will impede
the entry of contraband into the prison system.

But, it will not stop it.

Good officers will continue to perform their duties.

And, the corrupt officers will find a way to continue their illicit activities
(tobacco smuggling, cell phone smuggling, note smuggling & etc.).

Eventually, the illegal actions of corrupt officers will be uncovered.

There are no secrets in prison.

Whenever it serves their purpose ... sooner or later,
a prisoner will reveal (snitch) whatever is or was taking place.

A bad officer will be, eventually, found-out.
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