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2nd Legion Sobol KO-10

Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
Oh yea ... my 2nd Legion Sobol should be in-route
to my Texas FFL holder in Odessa.
Just got back from an impromptu trip to Odessa
for my wife to go to Walmart.

And, for me to pick-up my 2nd Legion Sobol.

When I opened the battered Izhmash shipping box,
I wasn't disappointed.

The stock on this carbine is a slightly lighter shade
with some shadowy tiger strip watermarks throughout the wood.

Very attractive - indeed.

This afternoon when I returned from Odessa
the sun was going down and growing dimmer.

Not good light for taking pictures.

I will be taking photos of the stock tomorow.
When the sunlight is strong, bright and clear.
And, will post them as soon as possible.

Bye the way, I noticed that a Russian warehouse label
remained attached to the shipping box.

The nomenclature of this Legion carbine is Sobol KO-10.
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