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Computer Up & Running

Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
Sorry for being absent...

Moreover, my computer has been down
because I purchased my wife a new computer
with some overtime money...

She got cheap and decided to delete the in-home set-up
and information transfer service I had specified.

As such, when the computer arrived
and she tried to transfer the data
from the old computer ... it did not work.
Well, my old computer is up and running - sort of.

Some of my files were not backed-up before my wife began
to transfer data from the old computer to the new one.

The data transfer program that my wife bought from DELL
did not work as advertized.

Moreover, I lost all of my email files.
Over two and one-half years of email ... gone.
Maybe Norton Utilities might be able to help.

Anyway, I'm back on-line.
At least until I go back to work.

I'm on my scheduled break of the work cycle.
I volunteered to work over-time during my break.

However, during the state wide TDCJ shake-down, so far no over-time
has been authorized for participation in the shake-down.

At least not at my unit - N5 (Transfer Faciltity), Fort Stockton, Texas.

As such, I was able to take a few days-off.

I have a little catching-up to do at our forum.

Oh yea ... my 2nd Legion Sobol should be in-route
to my Texas FFL holder in Odessa.
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