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Hit and Try to Run Deer ... near Fort Stockton

Originally Posted by j.r. guerra in s. texas View Post
... and drove through Fort Stockton -- nice country out there. Saw a lot of dead deer on roadside - man, all that wasted meat.
Last year while driving to work very early in the morning - approximately 0500h.

I ran into a doe on the frontage road of I-10
near the city limit of southeast Fort Stockton.

More like the doe ran in-front of my Jeep while traveling about 55 mph.
Needless to say, Bambi's mom didn't make it.

As for the waste of meat ... the vultures, buzzard and coyotes
were, in short order, recycling the deer.

Within three days of her demise,
the deer was nothing but a pile of bone and hair.

As for my Jeep, I had an estimate for $1600 in bodywork.

I hated the fact that the deer died needlessly.
Had I been driving slower, the whole thing could have been avoided.

Such is life in Pecos County.

For what its worth ... every year there are several
Open Road Races sponsored by Pecos county held in Fort Stockton.

During one race last year, one of the faster cars
struck a vulture that had been feeding on road kill.

The vehicle had the leading edge of the roof damaged,
the front windshield was broken and caved-in.

I'm not sure if this DNF was one for the record books.

For the vulture, his DNF was forever.
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