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Originally Posted by John E Davies View Post
.... I want to see if there is enough inside clearance for me to install a sling stud, for a bipod. ......
I've been wanting to do the same. There's not much room under there!

Here's a post showing the install of threaded inserts for a rail:

After disassembling and taking a look at mine I have two other ideas.
1) instead of the threaded inserts, the ribs in the fore stock could be removed and a plate inserted in there with two threaded holes. Then attach that rail on the outside. This would not require any clearance reliefs on the buttons. Or just use the T-nuts included with the 3-slot rail..... again, ribs would need to be cut to fit the nuts.

2) a stud directly over the button assembly hold-down screw may be a good location. The buttons may need some clearance notches, but that doesn't appear it would affect operation.

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