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Originally Posted by rolltide View Post
At one point, I remember them being sought after, so I'm wondering if the market for these rifles has changed, or is it just part of where the gun industry is right now across the board?
IMHO ... it's simply where the market is right now. Manufacturers are putting out tons of product, in terms of both quantity and variety. Boomers are aging and selling out their collections. Washington is in gridlock and therefore not passing anti-gun legislation.

In short, sellers are simply on the wrong side of the supply-and-demand ratio right now.

There are exceptions. Irreplaceable, mint condition, high cachet products will still attract real money. In the Browning market, that might be a 100 percent, Midas grade Superposed or the NIB 1959 SA-22 mentioned here on RFC recently.

Conversely, the Miroku 52s -- as nice as they certainly are -- are not particularly rare. PLUS, there are plenty of original Model 52s available in the marketplace.

So, as a seller, I can only advise you to wait if you can wait.

But if you can be a buyer, buy.

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