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The kidd is the only true 2 stage trigger I know of at the moment. I had a Jard fully adjustable trigger that I was able to more or less adjust into a 2 stage trigger due to how they are set up you can add in pretravel with the adjustment screws and it stays smooth. It was decent but nowhere near as nice of a trigger as my kidd so I parted with it.

I would sugest you consider a jard sportsman as well as an alternative to the BX. They have a design very similar to an AR trigger and I like them alot. In fact my most accurate rifle right now has one in it believe it or not. My kidd triggers are nicer to shoot with though.

You can get the sportmans from RWarms for $69 shipped right now. However these were made to their specs for their slidefire chassis when they still produced it and some have reported issues with them. The 2 I have from them were fine though. If there is an issue you can either replace it with another through RW or if you send it to Jard they will replace the internals with the proper sportsman parts for around $15 last I talked to them.

All in all I greatly prefer them to the BX. They are all aluminum and they do have a fair amount of smooth take up similar to a 2 stage. It Also has a super positive reset you can feel and hear which you may like alot in more of a plinking trigger. you can also easily change the pull weight by swapping springs from 1# to 4#. I would recomend the lowest spring you use to be the 1.5# spring though as with the 1 pound I had failures to reset pretty consistently.

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