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Originally Posted by Quick1 View Post
Originally Posted by S1loki View Post
just my thoughts...

If I was doing a build from the ground up using a KIDD receiver. KIDD's chassis would be the way to go. I like how the design flows.

Being as since I am an owner of multiple PMACA chassis, I kinda favor it due to my personal experience. I have modded one of their take-down fore ends to accept the Magpul Optic Mount

Looking at the ModShot, I see things that would get changed. So at its price point. Its a no brainer to go with one of the others. Then build it up using known "other" parts to me.

Will the ModShot work for you? Is the length of pull correct? Will it need to have a cheek riser added for proper sight alignment. Wether using open or an optic. Things to consider.

Just my thoughts.
Hi S1loki, thanks for your thoughts. In line with your comments, my original plan was to use the KIDD chassis, I really like it and it is actually slightly lighter and and longer than the PMACA (according to both websites) which I like.

My only issue with the KIDD is I have been unable to find a lightweight butt stock I really like for this rifle, hence my post in another part of the forum asking for recommendations on lightweight butt stocks. If you have a recommendation I am all ears.

I think I will end up going with the KIDD, just wanted to ensure I am looking at all options before I pull the trigger.

This is the way I went. I ended up modding a standard adjustable buffer tube. Took it across my mill, removing all the unnecessary adjustment rail. Only left enough to keep the but plate from being able to rotate.
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