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Originally Posted by mike from philly View Post
How much difference in skill do you think is required between A/S Distinguished versus CMP Distinguished?

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Well, I'll attemp to answer that. Easy answer/Bottom Line Up Front:
It is MUCH more difficult and challenging than Appleseed.

To put it in perspective, I have been chasing the CMP Distinguished badge since 2016, and am not even 1/2 way there yet.

A Navy DR (Distinguished Rifleman) told me when I started my journey.. "MOA is KING"!

That means:

For Standing at 200 yards (no sling can be used), you must be shooting 4-5 MOA

For Rapid Fire at 200 and 300 yards (seated and prone), you must be shooting 2 MOA

For Slow Prone at 600 yards, 2 MOA

That will get you in the mix for points, then it depends on how many others did better than you, whether or not you get points.

These are NO SIGHTER matches, unlike AS, where you shoot a Redcoat and some squares or practice AQT's before the real one.

Excellence In Competition matches (the only matches you can earn points), are often referred to as "Don't &&* Up matches".

Your rifle must operate flawlessly, you must operate flawlessly, you must know your zero's and know how to adjust for the wind.

It is a TOUGH journey, but extremely rewarding.

Last year at the National Match, (Camp Perry) there were 700 competitors that were non-distinguished, 70 got a 10 point leg.

You have to be in the top 10%.

Interesting this came up, as this time next week I will be shooting the Presidents 100 match, the day before the National match which is next Tuesday.

I am working hard to get my "hard leg" that 10 point leg at Nationals. We shall see....the "Cut" will likely be at 480 this year out of a possible 500 points.

Hope that helps?

Come on out and shoot a match, you can find EIC matches listed on the CMP website.

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