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Price is a bit over what you might find on for, but it is brand new. I have picked up both new and used before and the constancy/accuracy has been the same. It is nice to get one brand spanking new though. 5 round mags are still available from biathlon shops and there is a mod for Marlin 10round mags. The trigger is adjustable to about as light as you like. Never shot a Tikka before, but had mine at an indoor 100yd range testing ammo and shot dang near a 4round cloverleaf with Eley subs which surprised the heck out of me.
It matters what you want from the rifle. I you are looking to shoot it regularly and enjoy it, I recommend to go for it. Itís a question of time- is that extra $100 perceived premium worth the time it would take to possibly catch a cheaper used one on gunbroker? My opinion- no, I would go for it. If you just want it for occasional use and to keep in the gun cabinet, I would pass.
I will say that from the first time I shot one, I have not picked up my 10/22 with Kidd trigger & legacy stock. But I got mine specifically as a suppressor host and IMHO they are superb for that purpose. I use mine daily for fun and as a precision critter gitter. The stock is very plain, but itís pretty straightforward to mod a 10/22 stock.
If you do Ďpull the triggerí on it and would like extra 5rnd mags, send me a PM as I will be putting in an order to Larsen for a few other bits. If you would like to share notes on upgrades and mods, let me know. Been playing with them for some years now and for my purposes, it is the best .22 rifle for the buck. And donít sweat the lack of spare parts issue. These things are built tough as nails and very simple.

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