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Likely an M1922M1 Issue Rifle

It is definitely a Springfield 1922 series rifle, but it is almost impossible to say if it is an M2. What I can say is it appears to be in an M1922M1 B style, issue stock. If you look closely at the end of the pistol grip you can make out the extended oval grip that characterized the B stock.

Here's my M1922M1 in a B style issue stock. M1 Issue Rifle

The M2 was predominately identified by the new M2 bolt and magazine design. The stock, however, was also changed. Here is a photo of the M2 Issue rifle. M2 Issue Rifle

The M2 stock changed the shape of the pistol grip and reduced the drop of the comb making it more like the NRA Sales stock. 1922 NRA Sales Stock

Whatever 1922 model it is , that is a really neat picture.


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