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Thanks for the idea to straighten the trigger. I used a heat gun on its lowest setting and just pressed the warmed trigger against a counter top to straighten it. I only adjusted it a little, but that was all that was needed to better fit my finger.

I also did a trigger job this weekend. I found all the parts of the trigger mechanism to be high quality and not need much work to smooth up to a beautiful polish. I cut down a spring I found in my box of springs but I was too aggressive and it wouldn't reset the trigger under shooting conditions, even though it did correctly at the bench. A little longer spring fixed things. My trigger also had a mold line on the back side where the plunger contacted it that caused the trigger to feel somewhat rough initially, but was easily sanded off. The trigger spring had by far the most effect on pull weight.

I didn't change the geometry of any of the trigger parts initially, aside from a light smoothing with some 2500 grit paper. After shooting it with the smoothed parts and lighter trigger return spring the amount of creep due to excess sear engagement (not takeup) became apparent. I ended up reducing the amount of engagement mostly by reducing the end of the notch on the hammer, but I did touch the edge of the sear slightly as well. This is my first 10/22, Ruger or otherwise, but it is obvious that T/C did not just copy the Ruger trigger parts directly. I'd be interested to know which aftermarket trigger the T/CR22 most closely resembles. I don't like taking material off the hammer, because ideally you will take it off all the way around the end of the hammer so that it drops cleanly into the radius below the sear edge as the hammer falls. The better solution would have probably been to add a set screw to the sear to reduce the amount of engagement, but I'm not a fan of set screws that don't have anything holding them in place other than Loc-Tite for fear of them working loose and reducing the sear engagement too much. A better sloution might be to replace just the hammer with one with a smaller notch, but the angles on this hammer seem to be very good for trigger feel. I managed to reduce the amount of creep I was feeling by roughly half. I'm sure I could have gone further, but I'm happy where it's at now.

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