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Originally Posted by FrankW View Post
Hi ibjennings,

Need a little more information.

Where did the blank come from?
Is it stained or oiled with something that has changed its color?

On a wood buying trip to Oregon I got a straight grained Oregon Walnut blank that looked similar to this. The sap wood is what I would expect from Walnut. But you say it is too heavy for Walnut.

There are so many exotic woods from South America, Japan, Hawaii and Africa that it is a hard to say. If we knew where it came from it would really help.

Hi Frank
I canít tell you much about the wood. This is the fourth stock Iíve built from this wood. When you drill a hole in it, the wood will stick in the bit and have to be picked out. Kinda oily.
Iím using a lacquer for the finish.
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