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Camp Perry this Week End!!

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Just got the "Welcome Email"
I guess the AutoScore was a mess last year after the rain and they are going back to Manual scoring on the range. I know I had a lot of issue with my targets last year Lesson learned was don't leave the range until your verify your score. The had "lost" 4 of my targets!!

I sure would like to see them make the BBQ start sooner. It a long ride home to wait around for a $4.00 hamburger.

It is nice that they have add an instant individual "Medal Ceremony with pix available. This is catching up with the Triathlons etc. Nice touch.

Scorecards must be stamped with the proof of weigh in. Its a shame that this is required. All we are shooting for is bragging rights and piece of colored pot metal. Somebody is always trying to game the system, I guess.

See ya there!!
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